Dolores - Nectar Fields (Limited Edition Black)
Dolores - Nectar Fields (Limited Edition Black)
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Dolores - Nectar Fields (Limited Edition Black)

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Via our friends at Cube Records
1st pressing of 'Nectar Fields' on Translucent Citrus Orange and Black Vinyl
*150 Copies Black*
*150 Copies Orange*
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Blooming out of the eye of the midwestern shitstorm of cornfield wonder, Madison's maddest project of psychedelic proportions has oozed its sweet, sweet nectar into a last call for the ears of us all. Presenting local legendary Wisconsin lineup, Dolores. You may recognize the front end of these Wisconsin showmen as none other than Javi Reyes from the now, fuming circle of amplified death-by-riff squadron of psych known as Post Animal, but hark my words, this project is a journey into a certian control of the genre of psych itself. Cleaner guitars with a sonic twist fuse elements of psyche-pop visited by the like of The Dandy Warhols or Todd Rundgren and toss em into a devious stew with sounds relishing in a sort of Congratulations-era MGMT or an Oddments-era King Gizzard. Throw that all into an ear's worth of musical trail mix, toss in a secret ingredient of some soul-sockin grooves n there you have it. Auntie Dolores's 100% homegrown, family guaranteed recipe for head-knockin psych record. Though long gone out of the seas of productivity, Dolores is still here to smooch yer ears here and now via this one-time run of bumble-bee honey wax, so don't sleep on her before she leaves ya high and dry. Getchu that sweet nectar. Getchu Nectar Fields.